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Advanced Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a critical tool your doctor uses to evaluate injury and pain. The quality of imaging determines the accuracy of your diagnosis.

Images produced from a high-resolution scanner contain more detail in the image and are clear and crisp. Like a camera, resolution is determined by the number of pixels – which is the smallest unit of the image displayed. The more pixels gathered to create an image, the more clear, sensitive and precise the image will appear.

Because precision is such a critical component of diagnostic radiology, Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) has invested millions of dollars to ensure we have the highest resolution and highest quality scanners available in Oklahoma. CDI is the only full-service, free-standing imaging provider in Oklahoma.

All this advanced technology is available to you in a facility that is comfortable and easy to access. CDI is a free-standing building that does not require navigating through a large hospital to find the radiology department. At CDI you simply drive up and walk in.

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Unparalleled Ease of Access

  • Front Door Parking
  • No Lines
  • No Parking Garage
  • No Valet or Validation Needed
  • No Large Confusing Hallways to Navigate
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CDI Imaging Services

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Two High Speed 3T MRI Scanner

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16 Slice CT Scanner

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Tomosynthesis Mammography

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Three Ultrasound Scanners

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Bone Density Scan

Ultrasound and Echocardiogram Imaging OKC | CDI


Breast and Soft Tissue Biopsy in Oklahoma | CDI

Breast & Soft Tissue Biopsy


CDI is in network with almost all health insurance plans and is a full-service imaging provider for these programs.

These programs have no out-of-pocket cost to patients.

CDI also contracts directly with companies that are self-insured. These programs have no out-of-pocket cost to patients and allow employers to save money. If you work for a company that is self-insured, have them call us. We would love to show them how the program works.

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Medical Direction

Dr. Jill Hast founded CDI 12 years ago out of a passion for seeing patients in Oklahoma receive the highest quality imaging care available.

Her vision to see that all patients have access to high quality diagnostic imaging drove her to purchase the most expensive and highest quality imaging equipment available anywhere in the world. Her facility is the only place in Oklahoma that has two 3T MRIs. Dr. Hast attended medical school at the University of Chicago, completed her residency at Michael Resse Hospital/ University of Illinois, and her fellowship at Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes in Chicago. While trained as a general diagnostic radiologist, she has a core expertise in Mammography and is one of the most respected breast imagers in Oklahoma.

CDI Medical Director Dr. Jill Hast
CDI Medical Director Dr. Jill Hast

You Get to Choose

Switching your imaging to CDI is simple and will almost always mean less out-of-pocket costs to you. Choose whichever method you prefer:


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The friendly, professional CDI staff is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or help transferring imaging orders to us. We’ll make it easy.