Advanced technology produces advanced images. In an age when we expect advanced features on our phone, why would we settle for less when it comes to a diagnostic exam?

Hologic Selenia 3D Mammography

Digital tomosynthesis is similar to a CT scan. During a CT exam, images are obtained from a full 360º rotation of a detector/X-ray source around a patient. In digital tomosynthesis, the rotation of the detector/x-ray source is 20º and there are fewer images that are acquired. The 3-D reconstruction resolution provides enough separation of normal overlapping tissue to detect cancer that may otherwise go undetected.

GE Signa HDxt 3T MRI Scanner

Tesla (T) is the unit used to measurement the strength of a magnetic field. Our scanner generates a magnetic field that is twice the strength of a 1.5 Tesla machines and 10 to 15 times the strength of low field or open MRI scanners. This increased strength provides significantly increased clarity in the images produced.

16 Slice GE BrightSpeed Elite CT Scanner

BrightSpeed Elite with ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) delivers up to 40% reduction in radiation dose with no compromise in image quality. This technology can scan at a super fast speed and still maintain outstanding clarity.